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Easy & Affordable Colon Cancer Screening

St Cloud Surgical Center makes Colon Cancer Screening easy. By scheduling your colonoscopy with us, you’re assured a timely and comfortable experience and exceptional medical care.

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As the second leading cause of cancer-related death in men and women, colorectal cancer is also one of the most preventable cancers with proper screening, early detection and removal of growths.

Colonoscopy plays an important role in colorectal cancer prevention. A colonoscopy is a minimally invasive, safe procedure used to evaluate the colon for cancer and other gastrointestinal symptoms, such as rectal and intestinal bleeding, abdominal pain, or changes in bowel habits.

When Should You Have a Colonoscopy Screening?

Beginning at age 45, both men and women at average risk for developing colorectal cancer should have a colonoscopy every 10 years.

Your physician may request an earlier screening if you:

  • Have a family history of colorectal cancer
  • Have been diagnosed with polyps
  • Have a family history of breast, uterine or ovarian cancer
  • Have blood in your stool
  • Have frequent lower abdominal cramping
  • Have unexplained weight loss
  • Have a chronic sense of bloating, fullness or general discomfort in your stomach

Contact your insurance company to understand your benefits and coverage for a screening colonoscopy as well as a diagnostic colonoscopy. For example, a screening will become a diagnostic procedure If polyps are removed during your colonoscopy.

What to Expect

During your colonoscopy, you’ll receive mild sedation to minimize any discomfort. We use the most advanced, high-definition endoscopic equipment to screen the entire length of your colon. Should we detect any abnormal growths — called polyps — we’ll remove them and send them to the lab for analysis. You will receive a letter from your physician within 2 weeks with your results. Your primary physician will receive the results as well.

How to Schedule

If you are already 45 years of age or older, you can schedule your screening colonoscopy at St. Cloud Surgical Center without a referral. Most insurance plans are accepted, but please contact yours if you have any questions or concerns about coverage. Call 320-229-3201 today.