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New Implant Device A Breakthrough In Sleep Apnea Treatment

Minnesota sleep doctors consider a new implant a game-changer in the quest to get real rest. There’s now a smaller treatment option for sleep apnea that goes right inside your body. Laurie Moline’s restless nights started 10 years ago with symptoms that soon took a scary turn…

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Journey II Full Knee Replacement Surgery

Mary knew she needed to do something about her failing knees, but she didn’t know that she would receive one of the first knee replacements of it’s kind.

Mary’s knees had started bothering her about three years ago, but the pain had gotten progressively worse recently. She decided it was time to take action when everyday tasks started to become almost unbearable.

“If I went grocery shopping, by the time I got out to the car, my knees were killing me and I was struggling just to get into the car,” Mary described.

She was soon scheduled to have her surgery done at St. Cloud Surgical Center by Dr. Eric Green of St. Cloud Orthopedics.
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