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A One-Of-A-Kind Patient Experience

In August, we published a blog on the patient experience at St. Cloud Surgical Center. In that article, we discussed everything from preparation and surgery to rehab and recovery. Of all the things we are known for, outstanding patient care is the accolade we hang our hats on. If our patients feel well taken care of from start to finish, we know we have done a good job!

Read more about one patient’s experience at the St. Cloud Surgical Center. Their last-minute surgery turned into an experience they’ll never forget.

“Recently, I had to have a last-minute foot and ankle surgery and was referred to St. Cloud Orthopedics. I met with Dr. Lindsey Hjelm on a Thursday afternoon, fully expecting to have to wait until the following week for surgery. Thanks to the quick work of Dr. Hjelm and the staff at St. Cloud Surgical Center, I was scheduled for surgery the next morning! From there on, I knew this experience was going to be different.

When the surgical center called me to start surgery prep, I could tell they felt a little rushed, given the quick turnaround. However, they handled it like the professionals that they are and did a great job preparing me for my surgery the following day. You could tell they were very sweet and professional over the phone. Truly, you could hear their high level of compassion!

When I arrived at St. Cloud Surgical Center the next morning, bright and early, might I add, the first nurse I saw helped me get around as much as I needed. Even though it was 6:30 AM, she smiled through it all and never balked at my questions. She helped keep my nerves down, that’s for sure! When it came time to place my IV, I had to advocate for myself on placement based on prior experiences earlier this year with other medical professionals. The RN who was working with me was so understanding and placed the IV higher up into my forearm as I asked. It was placed perfectly without issues. Honestly, everyone who came to help me prepare and get me confidently into surgery mode was absolutely amazing.

When it was time for surgery, and I arrived in the OR, the nurses and even my doctor were all there waiting with a smile on their faces. They helped me get comfortable and explained everything that would happen in the next hour. After that, I was quickly under anesthesia, the surgery was performed, and I woke up with my support person sitting beside me in a recovery room. The surgery was successful!

I am now three days post-surgery, and the communication hasn’t stopped. A nurse from the surgical center just called to check up on me. I know that is part of their protocol, and I am not getting special treatment, but it made me feel so valued as a patient. The nurse was extremely friendly and genuinely cared about my pain levels and recovery.

With how rushed this surgery was, I’ll admit I was a little anxious, even though I have had many surgeries in my lifetime. The staff at St. Cloud Surgical Center made it a fantastic experience for me, and I can’t thank them enough. Their quick response to my needs, fast scheduling, and top-notch care make them easy to recommend.”

If you need surgery and are interested in experiencing the difference between an outpatient surgery center, like St. Cloud Surgical Center, contact us today. We can set you up with a surgeon and a care plan.