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Medicare Now Covers Same-Day Total Hip Replacement Surgery at St. Cloud Surgical Center

Beginning this year, Medicare will cover total hip replacement performed at Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs), such as St. Cloud Surgical Center.

In the past, total hip replacement surgeries have required extended stays in the hospital or a rehab facility while the patient recovers. Now, better anesthesia techniques, surgical techniques, and improvements in prosthetic implants have significantly reduced the recovery time after a joint replacement. This means that extensive hospital stays are no longer required for post-operative rehabilitation.

Factors Influencing Decision
The number of total hip and total knee replacement cases is projected to increase from 1.1 million to approximately 1.9 million by 2026, and 51% of primary hip and knee replacements are expected to be performed in the outpatient setting.

Many factors have contributed to the migration of joint replacement cases out of the hospital setting:

Both Medicare and commercial payers have historically pushed for the use of ASCs as an alternative, lower-cost site of care.

Adding total hip replacements to approved procedures creates an opportunity for more efficient use of healthcare resources and infrastructure—which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is expected that patients who can safely be treated in ASC settings will be diverted away from hospitals in increasing numbers, and hospital capacity will be reserved to treat more acute patients.

Improved patient selection protocols have been developed.

Younger patients are undergoing total hip and total knee replacement procedures.

Surgical techniques and pain control measures have advanced.

Growing research shows the safety and efficacy of same-day discharge joint replacement.

Find out what this new rule means for you, and if you are a candidate for outpatient joint replacement.

What does this new Medicare rule mean?

  • The new Medicare rule represents a recognition that patients often recover from surgery better in their own homes and that extensive hospital stays are no longer required for post-operative rehabilitation.
  • This gives patients more options in choosing the location, quality of care, and the ability to save in the cost of their care.

 What are the benefits of outpatient joint replacement?

  • Outpatient surgery has a lower infection rate.
  • Patients can rest easier at home in a comfortable setting as opposed to staying overnight in a hospital.
  • Outpatient surgery is more affordable for patients.

Does St. Cloud Surgical Center offer total joint replacement?

  • St. Cloud Surgical Center partners with physicians from St. Cloud Orthopedics to bring the most innovative joint replacement procedures to our patients.
  • We currently offer robotic-assisted total hip, total knee, and partial knee replacement.
  • Learn more about our same-day joint replacement program here.

Am I a candidate for outpatient joint replacement?

  • Patient safety is the primary driver as to where surgery can be done. There are many contributing factors if a person can qualify as an outpatient joint patient.
  • Single health factor concerns such as having diabetes or being overweight are not an automatic disqualifier.
  • Contact us at (320) 251-8385 to see if you are a candidate.