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The ABCs of Same-Day Surgery

Surgical advancements and high-deductible health insurance plans influence patients to choose outpatient surgical centers like St. Cloud Surgical Center now more than ever. 

St. Cloud Surgical Center is continually voted among the top ambulatory surgery centers in the nation. In 2023, we were voted the top ASC in Minnesota. With a long history of performing same-day surgeries for patients in Central Minnesota and beyond, we have garnered a reputation for success. With many options available to patients, deciding where to receive your surgery can be hard, especially if same-day surgery is a new concept to you. 

This blog will cover the simple ABCs of same-day surgery to help you determine if we are the right fit and calm any nerves you might have.

A is for Ambulatory 

The definition of ambulatory means “the ability to walk,” and that is exactly what you will do…right out our doors post-surgery. Now, you may require some help at home and physical therapy afterward, but you will not be admitted for a hospital stay, saving you time and money. If this sounds appealing, now might be the time to research the specialties who operate in our facility

Our goal at St. Cloud Surgical Center is to have every patient leave our facility with a smile and hope for a strong, healthy future all in one day.

B is for Being Prepared

It is essential to be prepared for your surgery, especially if same-day surgery is new to you. Every surgery poses a potential risk. Preparing ahead of time can help you achieve the best results. Follow the tips below, and you will be on your way to a safe, successful same-day surgery.

  1. Be confident in your surgeon and the plan ahead. Research and ask questions. Nothing is off the table. 
  2. Be in good health. This may mean quitting bad habits before surgery. Your care team will help you.
  3. Be up to date on day-of instructions. We will give you plenty of information, which will sometimes be overwhelming. If you need help understanding something about your surgery, please ask. 

C is for Common Practice

With nearly two-thirds of today’s surgeries performed at facilities like St. Cloud Surgical Center, same-day surgery is a common practice in the United States and worldwide. It is normal to be worried about all that is to come with surgery but trust that you are in good hands. If you are nervous, maybe words from our past patients can help. 

“I am still in awe about the care I received. Everyone at St. Cloud Surgical Center is thorough, friendly, and caring.” – Tom S. / Joint Patient

“The entire staff was very well organized, prepared, and genuinely concerned for the well-being of my daughter. I was also extremely impressed when I received an unsolicited follow-up call from a recovery nurse to check in on how she was doing. We feel fortunate to have such a top-notch facility in our community.” – Daryl S. / Father of Orthopedic Patient 

“What I can do with this knee now is phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier with my surgery. Thank you, Dr. Green and St. Cloud Surgical Center.” – Mary R. / Joint Patient

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